Meriliis Rinne alias Meru is an international artist who has gained recognition for her works having exhibited in Tallinn, Copenhagen, Oslo and London. Her paintings have been purchased by private collectors in USA, UK Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, France, Estonia, Finland, Sweden.

Her often spoken motto is - nothing is more powerful than talented people doing what they love. She is a perfect living example of her motto.

Originally from Estonia now lives in London where she has a atelier to work and to host art events.

Meriliis is known with works what are looking for beauty and aesthetic side of life.  It developed from her childhood growing up in Estonia at the end of Soviet times. In the system where even all toy designs were certified with communist party at Soviet Union. Remembering lack of beautiful and colorful things, and how she began to despise ugliness, referencing the “ugly” toys and a particular memory she recalled as child having same toys, same clothes, even same furniture at home as others.  This oppressed and uniformed background thought Meru from a very young age that she was different. It was dangerous to stand out but it was possible to rebel through the beauty of art to be individual.

Among her other works Meru revels in painting beautiful female figures with a unique disposition as a woman painter. To question how males look at the female form, and how even they are unaware how they view it.
Interested in the moral judgment and paradoxes Meru' s artworks, they all bare a deeper meaning of social psychology we can draw from society today.

A big believer in giving back, – she partly does this by helping fund raising efforts for children’s hospitals in Estonia by creating art work for charity auctions, as she feels that art work has more emotional value over money.


Meru favors acrylic paint and oils,  using everything from environment to recycle from newspapers to electronic pieces to make art. Collaborates with designers, fashion designers and other artists.







The "fun" of making canvases.

"serendipity" Meru London Art studio opening event.

Meriliis Rinne, alias Meru, is an international successful artist who has gained recognition for her work, having exhibited in Tallinn, Copenhagen, Oslo and London. Among her other works Meru revels in painting female figures with a unique disposition as a woman painter. Her often spoken motto is: nothing is more powerful than talented people doing what they love.

Video 50:50 Synaesthesia. Credits Video Produced by: Art: Food by: Music by: max sedgley - slowly




Fellowships & Collaborations


Collaboration With Leather designer Kadri Kruus

Collaboration with +ID smart card reader

Collaboration with Cynthia Conran AnyEverywear

Collaboration with artist Raul Pina "How to be Frida & Diego "

Collaboration with artist and car designer Bjorn Koop

Collaboration with Photographer Thomas Woland


Collaboration with Chef William Hemming


Collaboration with photo artist Kadri Vanaselja

Collaboration with pianist Aksel Kolstad




Projects, Commissions


 Evening with talk about art, London life and London studio+ Charity Sale in Tallinn.

Yoga project in the art studio


Unicorn Alphabet inspired Logo for Tech Unicorn Ve Interactive

Art in Woods, Forest in Tallinn

Window Art for Clerkenwel London

Drumstick bag design made by Kardi Kruus for Japanese drummer Minori

50:50 Art&Food pop up, Soho Kitchen club,London, UK

Meru Pop up Gallery , Tallinn, Estonia

Dolly Williams- living life like a doll


Vacant Office Space "So deep in Art" Gallery Kriis, Tallinn, Estonia

Charity projects for Lastefond in Estonia

"Fashion Show with art"  Leadership Conference, Pärnu, Estonia

"5th Element" Operation Art, Club Bon Bon, Tallinn,Estonia

Meru pop up open air Saturdays Gallery at Portobello,London,UK

Meru artwear x ray fog camden, London,UK

2004 Illustrated book Cover "Randmevääne II "  Keith Code


Selected Solo Exhibitions
April 2015                    "Serendipity" Old Dairy Mews, London UK
May 2014                     "Selected Works" Raave Legal office Gallery. Tallinn, Estonia
November 2013         "Basic elements" Red House, London, UK
2 -30 Sept 2013          "Its time for plan B” Refinery, London, UK
August 2013                "Secret garden" Kennington Home gallery, London, UK
May 2013                      "Amuse” Butterfly Lounge, Tallinn, Estonia
March 2013                  "Color dreams"  Gallery studio in Angel, London UK
November 2012         "Muse” Woodman Showroom, Tallinn, Estonia
October 2012              "MossMeru” Lusikas Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
September 2012          Meru Pop up Gallery , Tallinn, Estonia
June2012                      "Love the Bird” The Islington Company gallery space, London, UK
December 2011          "PARADOX” Café de Concert, Oslo, Norway
September 2011         "ROBOTS” Butterfly Gallery, Tallinn,Estonia
September 2011         "One night only ” Meru Art Studio, Tallinn,Estonia
October 2011               "Forest of Emotions” Kaevukohvik Gallery, Tallinn,E stonia
March 2011                  "So deep in Art" Gallery Kriis, Tallinn, Estonia
January 2011                "Wear the Art "Center of culture and art, Tartu, Estonia
February 2011             " 5th Element" Operation Art, Club Bon Bon,Tallinn, Estonia
March 2011                  " Zsa Zsa Zsu“ Butterfly Lounge Gallery , Tallinn, Estonia
November 2010          " Pay it Forward“, Athena center of culture and art,Tartu, Estonia
February 2010             "Night Mare" Soo Soo Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
October 2009              "Üheööliblikas" Vertigo,Tallinn, Estonia
November 2009         "Fashion Show With Art" Pärnu Leadership Conference, Pärnu, Estonia
December 2008          "Angels” Stereo Lounge Gallery,Tallinn, Estonia
June 2008                     "Mona Lisa” UpUp lounge Gallery,Tallinn, Estonia
February 2007             " Sünnipaev”Members Club Shah, Estonia

Selected Group Exhibitions
October 2015                  "Frieze Wk Friday" by Artnaked, London, UK
September 2013           "Kaotamas ilu=elu” Designe Night, Tallinn, Estonia
December 2013             "Christmas Show" Gallery 286 , London, UK
May 2013                           Clerkenwell design week, Ahrend showroom, London, UK
October 2011                  "Estonian art “Gallery Kerbsen,Copenhagen, Denmark
 April 2009                     "Tsoon" Rotermanni kvartal, Tallinn, Estonia

Work in private collections in:




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