a strong desire to travel.

When painting a city scape there is that unconscious side of it - they are imaginary but existing cities what might reflect my real desire to travel. To go to different places, to see cultures, different environments, explore, learn and discover.. how is it really feels to hug  Eiffel Tower in Paris?


Night life

Mostly painted colorful way - But not always  - Sometimes city can feel grey and soulless- unless u know the secret of if it and able to see the warm light in windows. 

Warm light in soulless city

Big  city feels lonely and so distance but it is also self-discovering to live in one.


My painted Cities mostly are combination of  dark and bright colors in contrast.  I must be not the only one who charmed of the city lights and nights.



Once on plane you see the city veins and ready to feel the pulse of another city! 

My city a metropolitan London sometimes is all about networking-thats what makes the city useful- so i used the business cards i collected for an artwork after. What else you do with such a big amount of business cards.

New York

Whats next- more city 's to paint.. More wonderlust to fill.  And i  still not been in many places...