Robots are coming

But actually was it just because of London?

I suddenly started painting Robots. The idea was simply born from the inspiration i got from my first 3 months i lived in London 2011.
When i arrived back to my Tallinn atelier i had only robotic ideas in my mind. 

Robots became my obsession since i was a child. I loved all mechanical things and were big fan of futuristic art movement. And in real i wanted to become computer game programmer when i grow up! And then there was Kraftwerk with its music.

I was obsessed. 

Then after that when i moved to London and stepped into the shop in Primrose hill where they sold old robot toys - It was the quirky art, design and found objects shop/gallery by Daniel Poole-suddenly it all made more sense to me. I was obsessed. 

What happened next was pretty weird i can say... I started staring bins and rubbish to see what people throw away. I looked for electronic pieces from garbage-  used stuff, old computers. Basically any robotic element will do for my idea.

 Boss Robot

Boss Robot

 Happy Robot  

Happy Robot  

Painted simple shaped square man like creatures and used electronic pieces i kept finding on streets... Sometimes some trouble came with it. They were full of spiders and bugs. But hey, they are just bugs -Its not nice when they secretly come out in room so i got smarter and cleaned things before... But then i got troubled next to pin with curious people asking " What are you doing? "

Also, you are always smarter than your robot. If not then they don't function.

i can say that i love robots  - they work the way its needed.  I even think of my toaster or printer as my robot- they wont let you down, they just do one simple thing for you- the printer just prints or toaster just toasts for you. 


Today we can love our smartphone and computer as they fill the time so wisely and are great avatars for outer world.
So its pretty much true that the smartness of machine or electric pulp can make us happy. And it makes everything faster too. 


In the other hand there is that not so good side... The consumerism, machines and addiction...robotic mechanism taking over peoples works...and  after all that smartness the society is something what makes humans to be live robots themselves. Robots are programmed for something - We often don't notice but it's similar with humans, programmed to be happy, sad or angry, successful...always after something better... because we live in clockwork Universe where everything is measured. 

My robots are here to say one thing : be careful there is endless amount of material source (money to print)  but limited amount of time.  Use it wisely. Feel and love more! 


 World robot

World robot


(First collection of robots sold out on private view. Some of them are available as prints -+ new ones to continue the series.)