I hate when people telI me “ ohh your back is scratched”. It really scares me.

Because i forget.

I forget that i was difficult enough to have a tattoo when i was 18. Pink ink and Angel wings. You normally see them when it’s summer and i am bit tanned. Other times they look like scratches for some.

I also forget that i have them as i do not see them. So strangers often remind me that i have wings. What made me think = we often forget that we are or should choose to be good and better selves.

I followed that idea in my paintings and now created this winged MURAL at Telliskivi Creative City in Tallinn as a reminder to be better self.

It's for people to have some moment with it- but first you have to find it..

it lives a life on its own now -i  can't control who takes picture and how and what message it has to each person. Are you the fallen angel or the good one or don’t care. All is up to you.

When wings and people meet - i see thoughts from people what are amazing. They keep inspiring me. I added some picture i been tagged on Instagram . Check it out.

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