This guy with yellow belt

My absolute favourite. Look at his nose! It’s all proud looking and up to the sky! Rain can fall in.

He is so happy and fun. Of course i see other stuff on that painting too...Do you?


The surrealism was referred more that cubism in this show . 


He wasn't my favourite. I know you must be thinking “how could you not like him”
I fact he just bored me back then when i was younger.- and then there was this : the way he treated women. I hated it. Who locks a lover into a shed full of Scorpios ???

Now after years of living with this and meeting him at Tate Modern for his big show what i still find just a little bit boring... I actually like his works more now. 

I added the selection of works i liked the most as he has lots to tell through his freak or correctly called cubistic women figures. I love that they formed from normal clear sketches.


And of course all his works make your brain go whohooohooo! Because there is some level of simplicity in them,

That nice feeling when you are on fast car on hilly road or on a swing! 
Another good thing about Picasso is - you can easily just say i like Picasso and everyone nods with you- oh yes he is great… Helps me to escape every boring conversation about “who is your favourite artist” quicker than usual.
For me it just changes often and sometimes i don’t have favourite artist for months.


But to finish this blog “Picasso Baby” please check out that bizarre collaboration between Marina and Jay-z - click here-
It’s just so weird and why they involved Picasso is not clear to me..

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