Colouring book "Little Voices"

Colouring book "Little Voices"


Fun colouring book what Features  20 Meru artworks to colour. 


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Little Voices Colouring Book

Two Cats are watching me while Meru is in her own Creative Process working in her Kitchen, no food is served ...but food for the soul..!!!

Her colouring book is an artist Book beautifully put together .

... one cat is white .. the other a shining black cat. The illustrations of the Book are Black too and they are waiting for the colour to come. No numbers or directions should be expected to guid you in the trip of colouring it.
 The more of a maze .. a labyrinth to get lost a place ....where like marcel Duchamp you can draw moustache to the Mona Lisa..

Little Voices is the title of the book....a creative whisper

I would say.

.. the cats are witnessing Meru's creative process (I'm saying it again)...

wonderful Archetype :

    ⁃    the white cat = Artist intelligence ,

    ⁃    THE black cat =the dark side of creativity ...

    ⁃    Mysterious .

    ⁃    .. little Voices

    ⁃    IS a wonderful gift

    ⁃    By the artist her self,

get it, mess around on it!


Raul Pina Perez

London 2018