Serendipity explores and explains artist's life in her studio.
Creating art is not just a matter of random event, nor can it be taken simply as synonym from "a happy accident", how to make an artwork. 

The New Oxford Dictionary of English defines serendipity as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a satisfactory or beneficial way, understanding the chance as any event that takes place in the absence of any obvious project (randomly or accidentally), which is not relevant to any present need, or in which the cause is unknown.

Innovations presented as examples of serendipity have an important characteristic: they were made by individuals able to " see the bridges where others saw holes" and connect events creatively, based on preception of a significant link.  

The chance is an event, serendipity a capacity. 

Often for an artist, the artwork itself is like a pleasant surprise.

Studio opening filmed by Ignas Jazerskis

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