City 1

City created inspired of big metropolitans. Used old dried paint and canvas. 

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Landscape I

Painted on a rustic recycled canvas. 
40x50 cm

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Come 2 Honey

Bee series

Come 2 honey
150x120 cm


Also Available as prints



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Theory of the White Square I

Artwork in the series of the theory of white square. 

Oil on handmade canvas. 

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Legally sweet II

Artwork is made with dried paint and fabric cut outs. Used acrylic and mix of oil paint. 
80x70cm with frame no glass. 

Blue Robot
250.00 450.00
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Modern Mona Lisa

Meru's iconic Original painting is 95x95 cm
Acrylic on canvas.
Made in

Kept as Artist's own private collection and  available for offers.


Prints are available for a artwork "Modern Mona Lisa"

Starting from sizes 20x20cm £ 48

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Mr Cat
350.00 600.00
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Forever in Love
400.00 700.00
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Robot series

Don't walk fly robot

Robot series

Pink Robot

   Self portrait 100x100cm Oil on canvas

Self portrait
Oil on canvas